What Health Problems are Treatable with Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been used in the course of history to deal with many different health conditions. Its record dates back over 3,000 years back to historic China and India. Medical writings from all of these ancient cultures show how medical marijuana was useful in treating disorders like constipation, malaria, gout pain and memory loss.

Here are illnesses (…besides cancer and chronic pain) that, with respect to several studies, are treatable using medical marijuana.

HIV – although this is still in the animal trial stage of research, typical doses of THC can adjust T-cell count and reduce the damage to immune system tissue.

Obesity – based on epidemiologic studies, there’s a greater rate of obesity involving non-cannabis users.

Autoimmune disease – chronic inflammation is a common characteristic of autoimmune diseases. Research has revealed THC to function at a DNA level in lowering autoimmune responses.

Alzheimer’s – medical marijuana treatment indicates some guarantee at working to undo the degenerative impact of Alzheimer’s even though current remedies work to concentrate on the disease’s symptoms.

Depression – medical marijuana functions to buffer people that have depression from “…the damaging outcomes connected with social exclusion and loneliness.”

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – study has shown that medical marijuana use may work to improve instability in the endocannabinoid system that correlates with neurological deterioration.

Multiple sclerosis – scientific study has learned that medical marijuana extract may work to reduce the regularity of spasms and reduce immobility caused by MS.

Heart disease – studies have established that a single ultra-low dosage of THC prior to ischemia is a effective and safe therapy that can reduce myocardial ischemic damage to one’s heart.

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